The Hickman County Clerk’s office is Happy to provide you with a

***SELF SERVICE DRIVERS LICENSE KIOSK*** The kiosk is very efficient, user friendly, will take your photo, and direct you from start to finish. You can usually complete your total transaction within a few minutes, at which time you will be issued a valid but temporary, paper license and receipt. The TN Dept. of Safety will then mail your new plastic license or I.D.
The kiosk is limited to replacing or renewing your class D or class M license, or updating basic information such as your address. It only accepts debit and credit cards as payment.
For general Driver License questions, please visit the TN Department of Safety & Homeland Security’s website  or call 1-866-849-3548 (Toll Free). For questions regarding suspended licenses click here or call 866-903-7357.


Changing Your Address Online

About changing your address online:

The law requires only that you notify us of an address change. You will not receive a new license or sticker for the back of your license, or new handgun carry permit.

If you want your new address on your license you can either:

  • Order a duplicate and update your address during the process, or
  • If you are eligible to renew your license (12 months before expiration), you can renew online and update your address during the process.

Both the duplicate and renewal processes ask for your address.

If you only wish to change your address, Click on the link below.