Casey Dorton

County Clerk

I hope you will agree this site will assist in answering your most frequently asked questions. I have promised to find efficient and effective ways to manage your clerk‘s office and I believe this site is a very important piece in that process. Below you will find general facts about the duties of our office. At the top of the page are numerous links to give you more detailed information. Please feel free to contact my office if you need further assistance.

The county clerk is a constitutional officer who is elected for a four year term. In addition to issuing license plate registrations, the county clerk issues business licenses, marriage licenses, county beer permits, and notary public at large commissions . As clerk of the Hickman County Board of Commissioners, the County Clerk also keeps official minutes and records of the activities of the commission and the Hickman County Beer Board. The county clerk performs a variety of different functions:

(1) keeping the official records of the legislative body;

(2) keeping a record of all appropriations and allowances made by the legislative body and all claims chargeable against the county;

(3) collecting certain local and state taxes